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3350°F  Pure Alumina Ceramic
Durapot™ 801 is a specially formulated, room temp. curing, 99% pure Alumina Ceramic. Offers the ultimate properties of pure Alumina. Does not contain binders to contaminate even the most delicate systems. Offers high electrical resistance, even at high temperatures. Ideal for many electrical and metallurgical applications.

Encapsulating Electronic Components

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3000°F  Low Cost Alumina Potting Compounds

Durapot™ 804 and 805 were formulated to provide a high strength, low cost, Alumina potting and casting material where the purity of type 801 is not required. Electrical and metallurgical properties are excellent. Use 804 for small parts and 805 for larger castings.

2800°F  Electrically Resistant Cement

Durapot™ 809 The best, general purpose, ceramic potting compound. Based on Magnesium Oxide it is electrically resistant and offers excellent chemical resistance. Use for potting, sealing and bonding. Just mix, apply and cure at room temperature. Commonly used in ignitions, heating coils, electronics, as well as many production applications.

3000°F  Highly Thermally Conductive, Potting Compound

Durapot™ 810 Alumina based, thermally conductive potting compound and adhesive developed to provide excellent electrical resistance at high temperature and improved thermal conductivity for high power applications.

3200°F  Electrically Resistant Coating

Durapot™ 820 is a 3200°F, one component paint and coating. Just brush on and air dry to form a highly resistant, 3200ºF coating containing over 85% Alumina. Use to coat wires, coils, windings, etc.

Ceramic Materials

Custom Formulations Available Upon Request

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